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Welcome to the Carpet Repair USA website. Carpet Repair USA is one of the most well-renowned carpet repair, carpet stretching, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration
mold removal, and cross functional environmental inspection and service companies in
 Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan
. We employ specialist who are not only trained in their select fields, but who are also cross-trained in multiple other fields. This way managing complex client situations
and expectations are a streamlined process.

Carpet repair is an avenue you should first consider before throwing in the towel on your damaged carpet.  In most situations, your carpets can be fixed by a
professional, certified and trained carpet installers.  Carpet Repair USA carpet installers has saved many home owners thousands of dollars by restoring their carpets.  
It does not matter how small or large the problem might be; if there is a visible defect,our carpet installers can correct it.

                Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is used for loose and wrinkled carpets.  Like a face lift, carpet stretching makes carpets tights again.  It prolongs the carpet's life by eliminating wrinkles, which can cause the carpets to wear
more quickly from the constant back and forth bending that occurs when the carpets are stepped on.  It also reduces the danger of tripping on the loose material.  The most common reasons for loose and
buckled carpets are poor original carpet installation, improper tack strips installed, prolonged damp carpets and high traffic in certain areas.  Carpet repair USA and our carpet installers can provide a solution
by pulling up the carpets in designated areas and perform carpet stretching with special tools that create a flat and tight result so that the wrinkles never appear again.  We provide a guarantee with all of our
carpet repair work for the life of your carpets.

                                   "Carpet Patching "Cut and Plug"

"Cut and plug" is used for small areas of carpets that have carpet burns, carpet stains or similarly damaged.  The damaged piece of carpet is cut out by our carpet installers and a good piece of matching carpet
is mended into its place.  If left over matching carpet is not available, the carpet repair be completed with a small piece, that is usually taken from a closet or similar hidden location.

Before                                                                                 During                                                                  After       

                            "Carpet Seaming"

Seam repair is needed when an existing seam has come undone.  Often, the carpet is pulled up, exposing the back side.  The existing seam tape that bonds the carpet together is removed, and the carpet is
re-trimmed.  Then, with a perfect straight edge, the carpets can be seamed again by are very qualified and experienced carpet installers repaired and carpet stretching takes place to make your carpet beautiful
once again.

                    "Carpet Weaving and Fraying"

This carpet repair often occurs with looped pile berber carpet.  Moving furniture or sometimes pets pull up strands of your carpets.  Instead of replacing your carpets, we can have one of our carpet installers
come to your home and re-weave the damaged area of your carpets with an existing strand to perform the carpet repair.  Our carpet installers will take a piece from your extra carpets or from the side of the
wall where we can perform carpet stretching can to compensate for what we remove.  We can make this carpet repair invisible as a result

        Before                                                                                                                 After


"This Information is a short overview concerning, water damage and mold removal and carpet cleaning.  
For a complete overview, click the icons at the top left of this page

                Carpet Binding / Rug Binding & Rug Fringe

"We can put the finishing touches on your area carpets with color-coordinated binding or fringe accents.  Rugs are bound on their ends in two
different ways, with each method designed to keep the foundation threads intact. Carpet Repair USA provides a full range of services as simple as
cutting a piece of carpet to the size and shape you want it to binding or fringe, if desired.  If you need an oriental rug repaired or cleaned, we offer
pick-up and delivery and cared for by a certified professional who is experienced and reliable".

Carpet Binding  is a cotton or synthetic-based material that is sewn to the edges of a piece of carpet.  This is done to improve how the carpet looks and to keep the edges of
the carpet from unraveling or becoming frayed. Carpet Binding is used to create area rugs that can be utilized in a variety of ways around the house; under a dining room
table, a stair or hallway runner, in front of a fireplace or wherever an area rug can be used to add a bit of decorative color to a room.

Rug Fringing  on Oriental Rugs tends to wear out over time.  Fringe is a very important part of the rug, as it protects the body of the rug from sliding off the end of the
warp threads.  If this problem is ignored, serious damage to the end borders may occur.  Extra care is given to each rug to match, as closely as possible, the original or area
rug fringe.

                                   Water Damage

Carpet Repair USA  is your #1 water damage emergency service for the entire Washington D.C and Baltimore metropolitan areas. We provide top quality water damage
service with only certified technicians for homeowners, management companies, stores, hotels, and other commercial businesses. Our team is on standby to offer our Water
Damage Services around the clock, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Water damage accidents can happen at any time. Whether from a bath room overflow, a broken pipe, water heater burst or a refrigerator hose rupture. Water damage big or
small can be devastating to your home or business. Water gets trapped in your carpet, hardwood floor, kitchen, ceiling, and walls. The reaction time when water damage
accures is extremely important. Mold growth starts to accure with in
48 to 36 hours. With sewage or toxic spills even faster. The quicker the water damage reaction time, the
better chance you have at restoring your property, valuables and more importantly your peace of mind. We offer a
5 step water damage restoration process listed below.
Carpet Repair USA
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Replacement, Water Damage and Mold Removal
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Mold Inspection and Mold Removal

"Carpet Repair USA is certified by NAMP, the National Association of Mold Professionals

Carpet Repair USA will perform a professional visual mold inspection for possible mold removal in your home or work place. This is
performed by pulling up areas of your carpet and padding where water damage areas are and/or moving heavy and large pieces of
furniture or appliances where mold is commonly found. Other areas that might need mold removal are crawl spaces or heavily packed
storage areas. We will also measure levels of moisture in selected areas using a moisture meter to detect high levels of moisture and the
possibility of large amounts of mold growing in the water damaged areas, they include your floors, walls and ceiling. In some cases, air
and surface testing for mold removal will be performed to identify the types of mold present while classifying their levels of toxicity. The
samples will be sent to a certified lab to be tested and documented results will presented to you personally.

The Carpet Repair USA team of certified mold removal technicians are fully equipped with the latest cleaning technologies. We are
always on standby for all mold clean up task which vary according to our clients' needs. Mold Remediation is a process of removing and
treating building materials at the project site that are contaminated with the presence of mold. A pre-written protocol, specially designed
for the property in question, is used during the process to manage the mold removal and treatment of those materials. The mold removal
effort is accomplished in a controlled environment where humidity, air quality and other variables are kept in check. The preparations to
the effected areas some time involves the isolation of the space from the remainder of the house or building in order to prevent cross
contamination of un-effected areas. The mold removal protocol along with industry standards are followed to properly treat and/or
remove the contaminated materials using special tools, treatment and equipment under the guidance of a certified mold removal

                   Carpet Cleaning

Let us bring your carpets back to life with our hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. Carpet Repair USA carpet cleaning has been
using our
5-Step Carpet Cleaning Process to deliver excellent carpet cleaning and related cleaning and restoration services to residents of
the entire Washington D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas. We offer environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products that are safe
for kids and pets in our
5 Step Carpet Cleaning Process listed below.

         Carpet Repair USA
                            Service areas

Carpet Repair USA service areas include Virginia. Maryland and Washington D.C.

The list of cities include;

Maryland                                                    Virginia                                   Washington D.C                     

Annapolis, MD                                          Arlington, VA                        N.W. Washington D.C
Bethesda, MD                                           Ashburn, VA                          N.E.  Washington D.C.
Bowie, MD                                                Centreville, VA                       S.E.  Washington D.C.
Chevy Chase, MD                                    Alexandria, VA                       S.W. Washington D.C.
Columbia, MD                                           Fairfax, VA
Silver Spring, MD                                     Manassas, VA
Frederick, MD                                          Reston, VA
Gaithersburg, MD                                    Springfield, VA
Germantown, MD                                    Sterling, VA
Laurel, MD                                              Woodbridge, VA
Upper Marlboro, MD                               Leesburg, VA                             
Rockville, MD                                          Herndon, VA
Potomac, MD                                           Chantilly, VA
Odenton, MD                                           Annandale, VA
Fort Washington, MD                              Burke, VA
Glen Bernie, MD                                      Falls Church, VA
Burtonsville, MD                                      McLean, VA
Damascus, MD                                         Dale City, VA
Mount Airy, MD                                      Dumfries, VA
Montgomery Village, MD                       Lorton, VA
Olney, MD                                               Purcellville, VA
Clinton, MD                                             Manassas Park, VA
Colesville, MD                                         Fairfax Station, VA
Aspen Hill, MD                                        Triangle, VA
Wheaton, MD                                           Gainsville, VA                     
College Park, MD
Jessup, MD
Severn, MD
Severna Park, MD
Hyattsville, MD
Lanham, MD
Largo, MD
Davidsonville, MD
Waldorf, MD
Elkridge, MD
Pumphey, MD
Arundel Village, MD
Ellicott, City, MD
Edge Water, MD
Step (1)   Pre-Inspection - Walk through and evaluate expected result in spots.

Step (2)   Spot Removal - Disolves most grease spills and spots in your carpets.

Step (3)   Pre-Conditioning - Dislodges embedded dirt and soil stuck in carpet.

Step (4)   Steam Extraction - Lifts out dirt, soap scum, and other residue.

Step (5)   Finishing Touches - Carpets Fluffed, Furniture Replaced with pads.
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