Mold Inspection & Mold Removal

"Carpet Repair USA is certified by NAMP, the National Assosiation of Mold Professionals"

Mold, Fungi and Mildew

Mold, Fungi and Mildew are causitive agents that harbor serious health and respiratory problems. They are classified as allergy inducing growths with symptoms that can lead to
grave health problems Examples are asthma,and irritation when they are inhaled excessively or even in small amounts. Some of the terrible symptoms of mold allergies are red, itchy
and watery eyes, chronic cough, migrain headaches, breathing difficulty, frequent sneezing, rashes, tiredness and a runny nose..

House Mold

House mold can be found in steamy areas like flooded places, damp and warm basements, plumbing spaces or leakadges, kitchens, bath rooms, and densely cramped storage areas.
Also, these agents have the potential of damaging your home or office structures within a short period. It is often difficult to notice mold growth in your home or office as they can
be seen in various forms. The most common mold found in your home or office is black mold. It is a type of fungi that is greenish black in color and can be found almost
anywhere in the world. Black mold adapts very well in not-too favorable conditions and easily sticks to high-cellulose surfaces such as carpet, padding, wall paper, sheet rock, and
card board. Black mold thrives in places where the relative humidity is over 55%..

Mold Inspection & Removal

Carpet Repair USA will perform a professional visual inspection in your home or work place. This is performed by pulling up areas of your carpet and padding in water damaged
areas and/or moving heavy and large pieces of furniture or appliances where mold is commonly found. Other areas might be crawl spaces or heavily packed storage areas. We will
also measure levels of moisture in selected areas using a moisture meter to detect high levels of moisture and the possibility of large amounts of mold growing in those areas, they
include your floors, walls and ceiling. In some cases, air and surface testing will be performed to idenify the types of mold present while classifying thier levels of toxicty. The
samples will be sent to a certified lab to be tested and documented results will presented to you personally.

The Carpet Repair USA team of certified technicians are fully equipped with the latest cleaning technologies. We are always on standby for all clean up task which vary according
to our clients' needs. Remediation is a process of removing and treating building materials at the project site that are contaminated with the presence of mold. A pre-written
protocal, specially designed for the property in question, is used during the process to manage the removal and treatment of those materials. The remediation effort is accomplished
in a controlled environment where humidity, air quality and other variables are kept in check. The preparations to the effected areas some time involves the isolation of the space
from the remainder of the house or building in order to prevent cross contamination of un-effected areas. The protocal along with industry standards are followed to properly treat
and/or remove the contaminated materials using special tools, treatment and equipment under the guidance of a certified professional.
Carpet Repair USA
Mold Inspection & Mold Removal

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Carpet Repair USA service areas include the entire Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan area and the entire greater
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The list of cities include;

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